Venetian Villas tour

The triumph of architecture

Around the Asolo hills there’s a place where some of the most important masterpieces of Veneto art are located. Our professionals will take you to this breath-taking place as well as make you time-travel, describing Canova’s Neoclassicism. You’ll spend your lunch break in Asolo, a city in which poets and writers, artists and travellers have lived and stayed and found their inspiration and harmony, including English poet Robert Browning, English writer and traveller Freya Stark. Walking along the narrow lanes of Asolo it’s still possible to breathe in the elegant atmosphere of the Renaissance court, heritage that the queen Caterina Cornaro from Venice left to the city and its surrounding countryside.

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The young Palladio

By choosing this tour you will visit the first villa designed by Palladio, Villa Godi Malinverni. After having admired the Palladian genius, lose yourself along the streets of Marostica, a Medieval city enclosed within the old walls of its castles which still preserves the magic of past eras. The game of chess is a Medieval tradition of this city, a magic moment for Marostica, known everywhere as the city of chess. After wine tasting in a winery located inside the Palladian villa, experience Bassano, a gem set in the hills.

The architecture of Bassano del Grappa is a rare example in art: the streets of the city centre are full of works by authors such as Palladio, Canova, Jacopo da Ponte, Marinali and Dalley. The Bassano civic museum, the oldest museum of Veneto, and the evocative Loggia dei Potestà are the symbol of the city together with Ponte Vecchio, the wooden bridge designed by Palladio.

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Euganean Hills and Padua

This guided tour you easily make on board of Global Service cars is an experience that allows you to discover the Renaissance culture and the nature of the Euganean Hills.

Arquà, a Medieval village, home of the poet Francesco Petrarca, is set in the sweet Euganean hills, of volcanic origin. Arquà Petrarca also owes its beauty to the House of Da Carrara. This family elevated the village to Vicariate and became the reference point for the aristocracy of Padua and Venice. Climbing down the Euganean Hills you will visit a large villa surrounded by volcanic vineyards and taste their typical wines. Your day will end with a tour of the city of Padua and its landmarks.

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The Riviera del Brenta villas

Private tour from Mira to Padua along the Brenta Canal to enjoy XVI-century Veneto villas, erected by the Venetian aristocracy as summer mansions along the Brenta river, considered an extension of the Grand Canal. The villas are the historical, cultural and artistic framework in which the harmonious connection between architecture and landscape is still remarkable. Dante, Palladio, Tiepolo, Canaletto, Goldoni, Goethe, Byron, Jappelli and many other illustrious artists have sung, played, portrayed and contributed with their art to the beauty and originality of this land.

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