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You can taste many wines and local products during your stay in Veneto. Discover the tasty food and wine traditions of this land with our tours. Choose what you fancy most among the tours of Prosecco wine, Piave wines and Valpolicella and Soave wines and the tour of native wines.

Prosecco wine tour

This is a land full of appeal and fascination, historical and artistic attractions, unexpected and precious surprises, almost hidden in the valleys and the small villages scattered here and there, where it’s a pleasure to wander and discover thousand-year old traces of human settlements. The Strada del Prosecco, departing from Conegliano and arriving in Valdobbiadene, was launched in 1966 and it’s the first wine road in Italy.

With this Global Service tour, discover the sea of vineyards and sweet hills of the land of Prosecco. You have the opportunity to visit Villa Barbaro, a Palladio masterpiece and enjoy a one-of-a-kind landscape. Along the tour you will get in touch with the local culture with evidence of rural life in old mills, small villages and century-old abbeys.

Discovering the microclimate that characterizes the land of Prosecco you can discern the organoleptic characteristics of this product by tasting the nuances of the best producers of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene.

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Discover the wines along the Piave river

Discover a part of the territory of Marca Trevigiana, off the map. This area covers approximately 150 km of the Veneto region and is full of pleasant surprises in terms of food, wine and landscape.

The Piave DOC wine area goes from the Conegliano hills across the plain of Treviso and Venice. Here you can find international and traditional vineyards as well as local varieties. Cabernet, Merlot, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay are firmly anchored in this land since the early 1900’s. The king of red wines is Raboso, native of Marca Trevigiana, but there are other interesting varieties that you can discover with this tour such as Manzoni Bianco, Manzoni Moscato and Marzemina Bianca, a rare variety.

This experience continues with the Venetian villas and the small churches with their precious frescoes. There are cities like Portobuffolè with their medieval legends and castle ruins. All this belongs to the beauty and silence of a countryside that is only waiting to be discovered.

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Valpolicella and Soave wine tour

We will take you to the wine area of Soave that covers the eastern part of the Province of Verona. Interesting for its history, traditions and wines, this area is full of surprises. Old cities entrenched in rocky hill sides and commanded by castles, rural courts surrounded by olive tree groves and countryside mansions are waiting for you to discover them. Your taste buds will be pleased by the fresh and mineral white wine Soave, of volcanic origin.

You will then get to Valpolicella, one of the most prestigious wine areas of Veneto located in the north-western part of the Province of Verona. Valpolicella is the place of production of the great full-bodied red wine Amarone, liberally fruity, but dry, vintage. Visit the town as well, characterized by a varied landscape made up of old neighbourhoods, the so-called contrada, and modern residential areas. Next to them, woods and wetlands rich in vegetation connect the different crests of the hills.

Wine, nature and culture will accompany you in this journey.

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Tour of native wines

In Breganze the wine makers are moved by the love for their job and for the land they live in; that’s why, with their daily work, they keep the oldest traditions of their territory alive. After sipping Torcolato, sweet and velvet wine, you explore the attractions of Marostica and Bassano del Grappa.

Marostica, a medieval town, relives its roots with the chess game, in which every two years the locals become “human pawns” to bring to life a very old-fashioned show. Bassano del Grappa with its Ponte degli Alpini, i.e. Ponte Vecchio, has marked the Italian history, during the First World War, with the passage of the troop of General Cadorna.

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