Bus Service

Bus service in Italy

Travel abroad, guided tours, trips, concerts, corporate events: all this is possible thanks to the Bus and Minibus service of Global Service. We have vehicles suitable for all circumstances, from small groups to very large ones:

  • Minivan (8 people)

  • Minibus (19-22 people)

  • Coaches (up to 56 people)

The prices of the offer are the most competitive among those on the market, as well as the quality of the vehicles and drivers. The Global Service Bus service in Italy will allow you to enjoy your trip in complete peace of mind. The vehicles for the multiple transport are very comfortable, brand new and periodically reviewed, in order to avoid any hitch during the journey, and our expert and qualified drivers are able to make pleasant any journey, even those on the most impervious tracks.

Shuttle and multiple transfers

Moreover, Global Service provides the organization of shuttles and multiple transfers to Incentive agencies or directly to companies at conferences and events. The Bus service is offered in most of Italy and, thanks to a well-established partner network, we can serve any part of Central Europe.